Saturday, April 28, 2012

Macros In Krita

Graphic Bit #2

This tip teaches you how to use macros in Krita 2.4.

Macros are a way to automate repetitive tasks.  You initially record the steps to complete a task, but then you only have to play back the macro to repeat those same steps.

I use Krita almost exclusively to sketches and layouts.  When I have a drawing that I really like and want to develop further, I usually ink directly over top the sketches.  I set my sketch on the bottom layer and ink above it.  I prefer to have my sketches set to a different color to distinguish it from the inks.  So I normally use the HSV Adjustment filter to change my sketched lines to a bluish color.  Since I do this repeatedly I decided to create a macro to automate this process.

Creating A Macro

Here is the original sketch of a character I created called Doc Halo:

Now I want to create a macro to record the steps of changing this guy from black lines to blue lines. Go to Tools > Recording > Start Recording Macro.  Although you won't see any indicators, Krita is now recording every mouse click.

Next I go into Filter > Adjust > HSV Adjustment and fool around with the settings to get a blue tint.  

I am now done with the task steps so I must stop the recording by going to Tools > Recording > Stop Recording Actions.  Krita immediately opens a Save Dialog to save the macro as a .krarec file.  And my macro is complete.

To use a macro go to Tools > Macro > Open and play.  Navigate to your .krarec file, and you're done.

Macros in any program are a great way to automate repetitive tasks and in a lot of cases save you a lot of time you should be devoting to creating.  You should always be in the mindset to make your computing experience as easy as possible.


Doc Halo completed inks.

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