Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scripts and Plugins for Art Of Illusion

Graphic Bit #3

Art of Illusion is a 3D modeling and animation program.

When you first start it up and navigate around, it can look very basic compared to other 3D programs like Blender.  But one great thing about AOI is that it has a built in manager where you can download additional tools and scripts to extend the functions of the program.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inkscape to Synfig - Layer Setup

Graphic Bit #1

Note: This tip assumes you have a basic understanding of how Layers work in both Inkscape and Synfig.

When you are planning to export a project from Inkscape to Synfig, it's a good idea to first organize your Inkscape drawings in Layers.  (Better yet, you should always take advantage of Layers in any project.)  This will help you keep everything organized when you open the project in Synfig and start to animate.

Macros In Krita

Graphic Bit #2

This tip teaches you how to use macros in Krita 2.4.

Macros are a way to automate repetitive tasks.  You initially record the steps to complete a task, but then you only have to play back the macro to repeat those same steps.

I use Krita almost exclusively to sketches and layouts.  When I have a drawing that I really like and want to develop further, I usually ink directly over top the sketches.  I set my sketch on the bottom layer and ink above it.  I prefer to have my sketches set to a different color to distinguish it from the inks.  So I normally use the HSV Adjustment filter to change my sketched lines to a bluish color.  Since I do this repeatedly I decided to create a macro to automate this process.